Tongan LanguageWeek Guest Speaker Week 7 ( 5/9/2018)

Today we had Salesi's aunty Bala come and share about the Tongan culture, traditional clothing and jewellery. She showed us her own personal Ta'ovala, Kiekie, Kafa and some shell jewellery. Some students got the chance to be the models adorning the traditional keikie and kafa displaying what it looks like on a person wearing it.

  • Ta'ovalaThe Ta'ovala is the traditional woven mat that is warn by tongan's like a suit and tie is warn by westerners. ...
  • Kiekie: The Kiekie is worn around the waist of woman dressing up to go out. ...
  • Kafa: The Kafa is a braided rope, used to tie the Ta'ovalaup with, like a belt.
The students had a chance to practice the Tongan Alphabets with Bala.
After that the girls were taught to make their own Kiekie using coloured papers and patterns. Here are some pictures of the girls with their own Kiekie that they will be wearing for the end of the week Assembly.


  1. Malo Aupito #Tumanako10 for your awesome blog about what you have been doing at @RowandaleSchool for Tongan Language Week ... #Taovala #Kiekie #Kafa


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