Tongan Language Week “Fakakoloa 'o Aotearoa 'aki 'a e 'ofa fonua” . Week 7 ( 3/9/2018)

 Students singing a Hymn ( Folofola mai a Sisu)

                      Students sharing the significance of their cultural wear

The Kingdom of Tonga The great navigator and explorer Captain James Cook was impressed with the people of Tonga, he named it the ‘Friendly Islands’ due to the hospitality that was a fforded to him during his visit to the Kingdom. Tonga consists of 176 islands of which only 40 are inhibited. There are 6 main islands. In the north is Niuafo’ou, Niuatoputapu and the beautiful Vava’u, central is the enchanting Ha’apai and in the south is the largest island Tongatapu and the mysterious ‘Eua. Nuku’alofa is the capital of Tonga and is situated on the main island of Tongatapu. Tonga is the only country in the South Pacific to never have been colonised by a foreign power and also lays claim to be the first place in the world to see the rising Sun. As it has never been colonised or annexed, Tonga still has its own monarchy. The current King is Tupou VI. He represented Tonga in a Judo competition in Wellington in the early 90’s and is also an old boy of Kings College, South Auckland.


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