Room 10 and the Bikes Week 5 (20/8/2018)

Today our class enjoyed riding Bikes at school. Everyone showed their PRIDE Values, giving things a go for the ones that were unsure how to ride a bike.. We started by first discussing the safety rules around bikes and the importance of why we wear a helmet. One of the students demonstrated to the class how to wear and adjust the straps of the bike helmet.  Everyone had a warm up session  on the courts followed by using the Bike track at school. Here are  the feedback of the students after our bike session.

I enjoyed peddling fast on the bike: Mosilee
I was the fastest on the Bike: Joseph
I like to ride a bike: Samantha
It was fun on the Bikes: Justin
I have enjoyed riding a bike today: Leionala
It has been fun today: Evodia


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