Stardome Trip ( 16/5/2018) Week 3

For Inquiry Learning students having been learning about the characteristics of planets, moons, stars, solar systems and galaxies . They have been understanding the position of the planets in our solar system and that the Solar System is not just made up of Planets but other celestial objects. Visit to the Stardome has been very informative and the students' have had an amazing day.


  1. Team Tumanako I hope you all had heaps of fun and learning heaps of new information about the solar system. Joseph had so much fun and he learnt a lot about the different types of planets.

  2. Great photos from your trip to the #StarDome ...

  3. I hope that the students enjoyed their trip to Stardome Planetarium as much as I did! Thank you for sharing your photos, Tumanako 10.


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