Week 6 Whole School Assembly 5/3/2018

 Tumanako team performing the song "One day a Taniwha"

                    Award Winners from the Tumanako Team

                               Lusenane Tapuosi for Respect
                            Deejaney Te-Kuru for Respect
                                          Enitoa Moala for Respect

                                            Justin Seymour for Caught Being Good


  1. Hi Tumanako 10. I love the Tumanako assembly photos!!! Especially the ones of the students being recognised for their RESPECT in our School. Congratulations to Luseanane, Deejaney and Enitoa for your amazing RESPECT at our School and to Justin for you being 'CAUGHT BEING GOOD'. Awesome attitude and values displayed by you kids! PROUD OF YOU!


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