Week 3 Friday 16th February 1st Whole School Assembly

                                                Nivenso for Participation
                                            Krishneel Dass for Participation
                                                   Rihari Job for Caught Being Good
                                        Samantha Orr For Caught Being Good
                                                   Mosilee Ioutua for Participation


  1. Thank you #TUMANAKO10 for sharing your amazing photos from our @RowandaleSchool #WholeSchoolAssembly today

  2. Congratulations to these amazing students for showing their PARTICIPATION in different areas
    - Nivenso, Krishneel and Mosilee
    and to these students who were CAUGHT BEING GOOD - Samatha and Rihari. \

    Miss B is extremely proud of you all and what great role models for our School!!!


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